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Self-service library stations - the future of Your library

Self-service library stations - the future of Your library

Self-service library stations are gaining more and more recognition among readers, as they make it possible to get to books quickly, without having to search for a library. The direct and close availability of the kiosk 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is a response to the needs of modern society and dynamic lifestyles. This also encourages people with busy schedules to use library services, as the opening hours of the institutions are no longer an obstacle for them to use their services.

Library stations are simple and intuitive to use.

They provide contactless pickup and return of favorite books. Using them is simple and intuitive. Self-service library stations are operated via a smartphone app or an RFID card previously issued by the library. They save the time needed to use library services, which is kept to a minimum. 

Self-service library stations can be operated in a number of ways, such as with a one-time PIN, barcode or QR code provided to the user, using the login credentials permanently assigned to the RFID library card. Depending on the system installed, the user can receive SMS or email messages informing them that they are ready to pick up the collections they have ordered via the bookmobile. Even more functionality is provided by our TECHCODE RFID RFID bookstands with implemented RFID technology. Each book can be tagged with a special RFID tag, and all events, e.g. about logging in, downloads and returns can be recorded and saved in the system that operates the book machine.

The aforementioned access methods exclude the need for the reader to be present in the library and interact with library staff, which supports the sanitation regime. This is another argument in favor of using the new technologies applied to our book ATMs.

Book drops are another closet that supports the work of libraries.

Pozwalają one na szybki zwrot zbiorów bibliotecznych. Trezory posiadają specjalne wrzutnie, na których umieszcza się książki.  Trezory z serii TECHCODE RFID RFID mogą być również wyposażone w czytniki RFID, które udzielają dostępu do wrzutni dopiero po udzieleniu autoryzacji do skorzystania z niego. Autoryzacja użytkownika odbywa się automatycznie za pomocą wbudowanego czytnika RFID np. na podstawie karty zbliżeniowej RFID.

Self-service library stations and book drops have become an indispensable part of the operation of modern book lending libraries and libraries. This solution meets the current needs of modern readers living in the age of increasing digitization. Library furniture allows readers to have unrestricted access to library collections, and makes it easier for institutions to function.

Our qualified staff helps to select the right products for the customer's needs so that they best perform their functions and are adapted to the working system and space of the institution.

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