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Reading revolution thanks to self-service library stations

Reading revolution thanks to self-service library stations

When did we launch the first book machines? 

We completed our first custom-made self-service library stations at the end of 2021, and there were several installations. This year we have already made several book ATMs, with more orders pending. 

What kinds of self-service library stations have we already made?

Our first installations were for simpler solutions, operating autonomously based on function locks. As interest in these products grew, we began to implement new functions in our book machines and offer comprehensive solutions. An example of this is a book machine made for the public library of the Bemowo district of Warsaw. This device was made of stainless steel, adapted for outdoor operation and fully integrated with the library system already in place at this facility. Dedicated graphics were also applied to the device using our UV printer. Today, we already offer bookshelves that work with several systems, and we are able to integrate them with the various library systems used in the establishments.   

How do standalone book machines differ from those running on systems?

Standalone book machines are cabinets in which each locker is opened with an independent lock. They operate autonomously, which means they do not require a power or network connection. Their operation is reduced to opening the lockers using a PIN. TECHCODE RFID bookshelves are so-called smart cabinets with RFID technology implemented. In order for them to work with any system, they must be permanently connected to power and to the network.

What determines the choice of the system in which the book ATM will operate?

The needs of our clients differ, so the system we install in the booksellers is always selected individually for each order. The choice of the system depends on many factors, and the guidelines for us are the data obtained from the Client. In this regard, the key information is, for example, where the bookmobile is to stand, how the turnover of library resources is to take place using it, what is the need / scope of integration of the system installed in the TECHCODE RFID cabinet with the library system, what functions are to be performed by the cabinet and the system and how they are to be operated, how communication with readers using the bookmobile is to take place.

Who is the self-service library stations offer targeted to?

Self-service library stations are becoming increasingly popular. We are a busy generation, appreciating simple solutions that help us save time and reduce the effort of running errands. Book machines meet the expectations of both modern readers and library staff. In the age of digitization, refilling traditional library cards is becoming a thing of the past. Our book ATMs can automatically register and record the circulation of resources. Due to the variety of functions they can perform, we are able to respond to the needs of both small libraries with limited budgets, as well as large institutions investing in modern solutions. In addition to libraries, schools and universities have recently been the recipients of our self-service library stations. 

What more can we offer? 

We enjoy challenges. We were one of the first in Poland to implement RFID technology in metal cabinets that allows recording the turnover of resources stored in them (such as books). This creates tremendous opportunities to expand the functionality of TECHCODE RFID cabinets and the benefits of their use. More and more companies and institutions are being convinced by these solutions. What further functions our self-service library stations will offer depends to a large extent on the needs and expectations of our customers. It is them who inspire the development of our company. 

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