We are introducing a new group of TECHPOST products – multifunctional stands.

The multifunctional Techpost stand offers much more than a traditional disinfection stand. A wide selection of additional modules allows for any configuration of selected elements on the post according to current needs. Elements can be placed anywhere, at any height.

The versatility of the modules means that the purpose of the post can change overnight. The Techpost stand can be easily converted into a flyer holder, signboard or mailbox, or even all of these options at once.

Each module has openings on the back side for mounting, therefore it can be mounted independently of the post, on a selected flat surface, such as a wall.

Additional modules available:

  • compartment for an automatic dispenser,
  • compartment for an elbow dispenser,
  • drip shelf,
  • universal compartment for: paper towels, protective masks, rubber gloves or handkerchiefs in a box,
  • hanger for gloves / plastic bags,
  • trash can,
  • umbrella basket,
  • shelf for leaflets,
  • banner frame,
  • mailbox.