TechO3 Ozonator

We present the TechO3 Ozonator for air ozonation. The ozone generator is dedicated to both indoor air disinfection and car air conditioning systems and vehicle interiors disinfection. The ozone generator produces ozone from the surrounding air and is used in deodorization and disinfection treatments of air and objects in contact with it.

Ozone, as one of the strongest oxidants, removes all organic and inorganic odors, including tobacco, animal and bird, fire, flood and other odors. It does not mask them, but completely neutralizes them.
The device is perfect for eliminating bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, pesticides, mites and more.

Thanks to the high efficiency of the TechO3 ozonator, at the level of 15 gr per hour, the gas reaches both food products and all objects in the ozonated room, ensuring safety and fresh and clean air.

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