Techmark - How to improve safety and keep your environment hygienic during the pandemics?

Safety during the pandemics

How to improve safety and keep your environment hygienic during the pandemics?

As a result of COVID-19 pandemics, numerous sanitary restrictions and requirements have been imposed on companies and public use facilities.  Under the new regulations these entities have been put under the obligation to equip their spaces with relevant furniture and elements. Latest restrictions have affected greatly operation of workplaces, and have developed new attitudes and behaviour among people. We have become increasingly more aware of the threats to human health resulting from insufficient hygienic solutions within our environment. To this end solutions aimed at guaranteeing improved safety in public places are being continuously searched for.

Each employer is held responsible for providing suitable working conditions, which limit the risk of dangerous microbes, like COVID-19 virus, being transmitted among the employees. Therefore it has become necessary to implement solutions, which improve safety at work.

Techmark offers innovative products and functional solutions aimed at increasing health safety and hygienic conditions within our environment. They address the current epidemic risk and prove to be effective even in facilities, where increased sanitary regime is in force.



TECHPOST post is much more than a conventional post for disinfection purposes. This is a universal product, which thanks to the modular structure, can be easily adapted to the ever-changing needs. The user can decide on the number and type of elements needed, as well as side and height of their assembly.

Modules can be exchanged in a fast and easy manner, so day by day you can totally change the purpose for which multifunctional TECHPOST post is used.  A post, which was so far used for disinfection purposes can transform to a people stopper, information board, coat hanger, mailbox, or a number of these functions at a time.

Multi-functionality of the TECHPOST post makes it a suitable solution for companies, production plants, public institutions, cinemas or shopping centres.

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TECHPOST cabinets for parcels are a type of furniture specifically designed to collect parcels even during your absence. They provide suitable space to store even a few parcels, without having to contact directly the courier.  Unquestionable advantage of this solution is that the user can decide, how long the parcel stays in the cabinet and can collect it as is convenient for them.

TECHPOST cabinets for parcels protect your property against theft and collection by unauthorised persons, and protect it against adverse weather conditions. The cabinet is offered in a number of dimensions.

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To provide easy and effective disinfection method, Techmark has implemented in its furniture UVC light, which guarantees efficient disinfection properties.
TECHCODE furniture provided with RFID technology can be equipped with the compartments with UVC lamps, which efficiently neutralize pathogens.
Exposing the items stored in the compartment to UVC light, efficiently neutralises hazardous microbes. Disinfection carried out using this method is very simple and eliminates the need to use chemical disinfectants.

Techcode cabinet with a compartment equipped with a UVC lamp


Each furniture manufactured by Techmark can be coated with a special anti-pathogen coating.  It provides durable and efficient protection against contamination and perfectly supplements efforts aimed at guaranteeing sufficient disinfection. Technology used for the production of the coating prevents the growth and transmission of hazardous pathogens. This considerably improves the safety in publicly accessed places, such as business offices, authority offices, cloakrooms, production plants, supermarkets, or other frequently visited places.

Solutions offered by Techmark improve safety and increase hygienic conditions within our environment.
Products can be customised to individual needs of the Customer. Techmark offers also prototyping of new solutions.