We are pleased to present our new website, dedicated to furniture with electrically adjustable height of the countertop.

Techmove is a new line of products enabling precise adjustment of the height of the working surface to the user’s height and the nature of the work performed.

One work place, many possibilities. Our furniture adapts to users’ needs allowing one station to be used by many different people.

Techmove adjustable furniture is the perfect solution for an ergonomic workplace, beneficial for concentration and efficiency. Electric height adjustment means that we can achieve optimal working conditions effortlessly.

Techmove furniture facilitates taking care of users’ health, allowing you to do work both sitting and standing. You no longer have to stop your work and take a break from your activities to change your position. Therefore, you relieve your spine and muscles, and reduce the riosk of a number of ailments.

If you are looking for innovative and ergonomic solutions for your company or workspace, these products will meet your expectations.

We invite you to check our offer and contact us. We will gladly answer all your questions and suggest optimal solutions.

Check our new website: