Szafy Techcode RFID wieloskrytkowe


We would like to present our new website, which has been totally dedicated to our innovative RFID furniture.  All products provided with RFID UHF technology have been developed as a result of research and development projects conducted by our company. Our goal is to develop reliable products with new functionalities, which meet the Internet of Things – IoT concept, and make the most of the RFID technology.

Apart from simple, key-less cabinets with access control (AC), during our work we have developed a prototype of a cabinet with registration of events,  whose characteristics are unique on the market. We have applied for the protection of our intellectual property rights, either in the form of patent application or numerous utility models, with regard to the key solutions implemented in our cabinets.

Reliable operation and versatility of our cabinets are very important. The design allows the cabinets to be used for different purposes – starting from compartment lockers and ending with technologically advanced smart checkout cabinets with insight, which are provided with author’s software for registration of resources and events.

Using our cabinets you can control the access to its resources, as well as make use of data concerning events (takings and returns), which are registered and placed on file (cabinet’s memory card or external server).

Our cabinets can be integrated with other ERP systems used in the companies, which improves management and optimising processes in the company (control, registration, takings).

If you are interested in reliable and innovative solutions to be implemented in your company, out products will surely meet your expectations.

We manufacture cabinets customised to individual needs and expectations of our Customers. See our offer for more details. We will be happy to present our products to you and explain their functionalities. You are welcome to contact us, ask questions and visit our premises. We will be also glad to demonstrate in our premises how our cabinets work, so that you become acquainted with their advantages.

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23 October 2018