Szafa RFID z kontrolą dostępu wieloskrytkowa


We have extended our offer by introducing new RFID furniture, where access is granted by means of identifying cards rather than keys.

Presented products are innovative and equipped with intelligent security solutions.

Furniture functionalities improve and facilitate activities performed so far by a man, however this time no one is needed to perform them. For 24h a day our RFID cabinets perform the function of a store room, a storeman, or even  a guardsman. They may be used as quasi store rooms to store items, to which authorised persons must have access 24h/day, with no additional commitment of other persons (e.g. identification of an employee, release of keys, tools etc.).

Each RFID cabinet is equipped with RFID reader, which codes and reads proximity identifiers, with administrator’s Master card to code and decode cards, as well as electronic door locks to provide electronic control system for the doors operation.

Thanks to modular structure of the furniture, internal configuration of the cabinets and their external appearance can be customised as requested. The client can choose type of doors (metal, acrylic glass), type of locks (with or without stops), configuration and size of compartments, configuration of shelves, use of optional elements (e.g. light inside the cabinet).

To further improve functionality of our furniture, RFID carts have been equipped with power sockets provided with two USB ports. Thanks to this solution a single socket can charge 3 devices at a time, all of which are trouble-free stored on the spacious shelves. Moreover, all of this is provided in a safe cabinet, with 24h/day access control.

In the near future we will present other products using RFID technology, which are being developed in the R&D department in Techmark.

More info on our RFID furniture can be found here.

 Call us or write to us. Our experts will advise you and help to configure the cabinet you need.

10 May 2018