Nowa wycinarka laserowa FIBER MODEL iNspire w Techmarku


To guarantee highest standards and quality of our products, in November we added another laser cutter to our machine park, which uses fiber technology.

Fiber Inspire 1530 F 4.0 laser cutter is a technologically advanced, very precise and dynamic machine, which cut black sheet metal, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and aluminium. It is dedicated for mass production, where high level of cutting precision is indispensable e.g. to cut elements of electric engines and other elements of complex shapes.

Discussed cutter is provided with one of the fastest real-time operating system on the market, hence cutting speed up to 150m/min. and 6G laser cutting acceleration guarantee high reliability, perfect edges, cutting reproducibility of 0.03 [mm/m] and exceptional cutting precision of 0.05 [mm/m].

Purchase of the discussed machine has greatly improved our processes. Not only are our products characterised by the highest precision even in case of the most complex shapes, but we are also able to reduce time limits for the production of ordered goods.

You can watch a short material about Eagle’s Fiber iNspire laser cutter HERE.


29 November 2017