Techmark - Furniture with antimicrobial coating.

NEW! Furniture with antimicrobial coating

Due to the prevailing pandemic of the COVID-19 coronavirus, Techmark has met the need to increase employees’ safety and avoid paralysis of companies. We have introduced cabinets covered with a special coating that provides antimicrobial protection.


Innovative technology used in the coating covering our furniture prevents the development and spread of dangerous microorganisms. TSuch solution is extremely useful and ensures safe storage of objects, especially in public and constantly frequented spaces, i.e. offices, cloakrooms, production halls and other public spaces.

The use of antimicrobial coating in our furniture does not change their appearance or mechanical properties in any way. It is a protection method dedicated specifically for powder coated surfaces and is a perfect complement to standard disinfection methods.

Furniture with an antimicrobial coating provide durable protection and excellent prevention in the fight against unwanted microorganisms.

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