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TECHCODE RFID. New features in cabinets and business support.

New support for companies, that is, more functionality in TECHCODE RFID cabinets (S.3 and S.4 systems)

Every company is different, developing its own procedures and patterns of operation. When implementing more solutions in the plant, it is important that they do not shatter the previous order, but support it instead.

All new implementations using our TECHCODE RFID cabinets are also an opportunity for us to improve their functionality. The proprietary IT Systems S.3 and S.4, implemented in them, give us the opportunity to optimize and expand them with new functions. Thanks to this, we are able to customize these Systems individually, strictly according to the needs of our clients. Here are some of our new universal solutions we permanently implement into the Systems in TECHCODE RFID cabinets:


Each Product/Resource added to the Inventory should have at least one Status assigned by the System Administrator, e.g. "default". It is possible to create any number of Statuses for each Resource.

Depending on the configuration of the TECHCODE RFID cabinet, it is possible:

1. Set one Default Status for new Resources (e.g. Resource in working order; Ready for pickup; )- in such a situation it will be automatically assigned to each new Product added to the System. The status information with which Products can be described facilitates the management and operation of Processes.

2. Individually change the Status of the Resource(s) at the time of collection/return using the tablet in the TECHCODE RFID cabinet. In such a situation, at the time of collection or return of a Resource, the User can select and assign any Status to the Product from the list of available Statuses previously stored in the System by the System Administrator (e.g. from Status: "Resource repaired" to Status: " to be reviewed"). This functionality allows quick exchange of information between Users of Resources, as well as persons responsible for the seamless circulation of Products, replenishing shortages, making repairs or replacing worn-out Resources, etc., exclusively through the TECHCODE RFID cabinet

3. Set one Default Status for pickups or drops from a specific TECHCODE RFID cabinet. Changing the Status of the Resource(s) is done in this case in the operation mode of the cabinet with Automatic Confirmation of Operation. The system will automatically give it the Default Status assigned to the cabinet (for retrieval/return) by the System Administrator:

  • for retrieval of Resources from this cabinet (e.g. Resource repaired)
  • for returns of Resources to this cabinet (e.g. to Status: for repair).


The System Administrator can assign various PRIVILEGES to the Application User. This functionality:

  • allows the Administrator to restrict User access to cabinets/lockers selected by the Administrator, specific (tagged) Resources or Product Groups
  • provides better control over which Resources a User will have access to.

CONNECTING THE VOUCHER PRINTER (in the S.3 System) to the cabinet.

The System allows you to connect a printer to the TECHCODE RFID cabinet, printing confirmation of operations performed, e.g. date and time of collection of the Resource, etc. The type and scope of information printed on vouchers depends on the configuration of the System. 


The System Administrator can assign any Features to each Product to characterize the Asset, e.g. expiration date; inspection date; color, series, cabinet storage location, etc. Depending on the configuration of the TECHCODE RFID cabinet, the names of the Features can be displayed on the tablet screen of the cabinet.

This functionality enables more precise and quicker searches in the Resource List according to their individual Features, and also provides a tool for describing stored Resources in detail (e.g. tool inspection dates, reservation information and more).


Alert is a feature that allows the System to automatically send notifications to the Administrator's designated email address when:

  • User, after displaying the scan results, submits an Attention using the tablet in the TECHCODE RFID cabinet
  • an Event (e.g. collection, return) has been performed during the hours specified in the Alert (e.g. outside company working hours)
  • an Event (retrieval/return) has been performed on a given Asset for which the Alert has been enabled (e.g. retrieval of Top secret documents). As a result, each retrieval of a Product for which an Alert has been assigned (e.g. Alert ALARM) will result in an Alert being sent to the email address designated by the System Administrator.

This functionality enables quick response to notifications sent by Users on an ongoing basis (e.g. tool failure) and facilitates ongoing control of Events and Resources (e.g. replenishment).

CACHE INBOXES (in S.4 System)

TECHCODE RFID multi-cache cabinet allows individual transfer between Resource Users by means of caches. The System Administrator has the ability to manage feeder boxes. In the Resource, the Feeder Caches tab displays information about the Events currently being performed with the caches, the status of which has not yet been completed, i.e. which caches are reserved and/or occupied. 

The administrator can, among other things, on an ongoing basis:

  • control the Events performed with the TECHCODE RFID locker
  • change the Sender and/or the Recipient authorized to open a given locker (e.g. in case of the Recipient's inactivity for a long time).
  • delete current locker reservations/occupations made (e.g. in case of too long locker reservation by the Sender).


Depending on the configuration of the System, the User can:

  • change the Statuses for Resources/Products,
  • view the register of events executed in the Resource system,
  • manage the permissions of Users in terms of access to resources of their groups or specific cabinets or caches.

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