The main advantage of metal workshop cabinets is that they are exceptionally solid, capacious, and offer high load capacity, which is why they are most often used in workshops, facilities or manufacturing building, making it easy to keep the workplace in order.


The solid structure ensures high mechanical and thermal resistance, and protects against external conditions (e.g. dust, increased humidity, excessive temperatures, electromagnetic interference). Our solutions make it possible to arrange the interior of cabinets in any possible way, which makes them more functional and ergonomic.


Mounting rails are used to add a wide variety of additional accessories: movable or extension shelves, shelves with edges, drawers of various depths, partitions, safes, extended frames for suspension file folders, countertops, perforated tool panels, various polypropylene containers, or spill trays with rims.


Metal cabinets are highly resistant to various chemical substances, which is why we can also fit them with shelves for racks with chemical reagents.


Cabinets can be fitted with, e.g. movable shelves, fully extended drawers, brush strips, or extensions, making them suitable also for office spaces. Full doors with a reinforcement profile, which are usually used in these cabinets, are mounted on solid internal hinges and locked with a 3-point cam lock with a handle. Our offer also includes doors with a plexiglass filling, sliding PVC shutters or safety glass doors.


We modify our product offer to match our Client’s requirements. At the design stage, our technical consultants offer their assistance in selecting the best possible additional equipment for cabinets, and our advanced machine resources ensure that we can manufacture even the most unusual casings as quickly as possible.

Metalowa szafa warsztatowa z pojemnikami
Metalowe pojemniki do szafy warsztatowej
Metalowe zawiasy w szafie warsztatowej
metalowa szafa warsztatowa duża z wanną ociekową
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Metalowa szafa warsztatowa
Metalowe pojemniki do szafy warsztatowej
metalowa szafa warsztatowa czarno- srebrna
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