We manufacture modern metal boxes for industrial use.


The box’s solid structure ensures high strength and resistance to mechanical damage, while a certified Lowe & Fletcher lock guarantees that the things left inside are always secure.


Covering the entire box, a lid safeguards its interior against external factors (dust, splashing, flooding, etc.). Pneumatic lifts make it easy to open and close the lid, ensuring convenient access to its contents. The large amount of space inside enables users to arrange the interior to suit their wishes.


Boxes are lifted and moved by means of handles mounted on the side walls. Depending on the model, they are fitted with one or two certified A-class locks. In order to increase the box’s functionality:

– we can cut out a hole in the casing to connect a power cable for charging tools inside the box (with the lid closed),

– the bottom of the box can be adapted for a docking station used to attach the box to the ground,

– standard handles can be replaced with solid, lifted metal handles, which make it easier to move the box,

– we mount strong chromed-steel swivel wheels with brakes, which facilitate transport of heavy loads.


The solid workmanship, large amount of space and the fact that the box can be transported make it perfect for a wide range of applications, not only in workshops and manufacturing buildings, but also at construction sites.

metalowa skrzynia na narzędzia Techbox
Metalowa skrzynia na elektronarzędzia Techbox
Certyfikowany zamek w metalowej skrzyni na elektronarzędzia Techbox
Skrzynia metalowa na narzędzia z dwoma certyfikowanymi zamkami
Kotwy umożliwiająca zamocowanie skrzyni do podłoża
wysoka skrzynia metalowa na elektronarzędzia Techbox z dwoma certyfikowanymi zamkami
Metalowa skrzynia na narzędzia Techbox
hydrauliczne podnośniki w metalowej skrzyni na narzędzia Techbox
Pokrywa całkowicie zakrywająca pojemnik skrzyni metalowej
Duża powierzchnia użytkowa wewnątrz skrzyni
Wysoka skrzynia metalowa na elektronarzędzia Techbox z dwoma certyfikowanymi zamkami
skrzynia metalowa do użytku domowego, wewnątrz biur oraz hoteli