Techcode RFID cart with access control for storage of laptops and power tools, with possible charging.



  • Massive structure with double hinged doors, partially filled with plexiglass
  • Doors of the cart are mounted on solid external hinges
  • Thanks to massive casters and handles fixed on both sides of the furniture, manoeuvring of the cart, even if loaded, is very easy. Two casters are equipped with a brake, which protects the cart against uncontrolled movement
  • The carts can be customised in terms of their sizes and types. Moreover, the cart’s compartment can be divided into 1, 2 or 3 columns. Each column can be provided with a preferable number of separate shelves, each shelf has free access to sockets on the power strip
  • The cart is powered with 230V. Inside the cart there are power strips with power sockets. Each socket is additionally provided with 1 USB port, so that 2 different devices can be charged using 1 socket at a time. The cart is provided with ventilation openings to cool electronic devices stored inside
  • 2 electric strikes installed in the cart open only when access data on the RFID proximity identifier is granted positive verification
  • The cart is equipped with an RFID reader for coding and reading proximity identifiers. The reader can store up to 2,000 identifiers
ROGER reader
ROGER reader
RFID cart with access control and possible charging of tools
RFID cart with access control and possible charging of tools
RFID cart with access control and possible charging of tools
RFID cart with access control and possible charging of tools
A socket with additional USB port in the RFID cart.
A socket with additional USB port in the RFID cart.

Techcode RFID carts can operate in various systems, each of them provides different functionalities that allow you to adjust the functions to the customer’s needs.
Systems in Techcode RFID carts:

S.1 System

The most basic system – enables access control with the use of encoded RFID proximity identifiers.

Access to the resources stored in the cart is granted only to authorized personnel who has an encoded proximity identifier in the form of a card, key fob, stickers, etc. To open the Techcode RFID cart you can also use the identifiers currently used in the company. Standardly supported identifiers include Unique 125kHz or Mifare 13,56 MHz.

The RFID technology allows for any number of RFID identifiers to be encoded for each cart, each identifier can be encoded / decoded multiple times. Frequent change of users of the cart is not a problem, and losing the ID no longer requires replacement of the lock.

It is the Administrator of the Techcode RFID cart who decides to grant or deny access, add new identifiers and re-encode previously used identifiers.

S.2 System

S.2 System ensures all the functionalities of the S.1 System, while providing the carts with additional functions. The System is operated with free software installed on any computer. The reader is provided with a USB adapter used to connect it to the computer in order to read stored data.

Examples of functionalities:

– integrates the cart with CRP systems used in the company,

– registers up to 32.000 activities, i.e. activities performed by specific ID card numbers and times, when the cart was opened, etc.,

– registers events (who opened the cart and when),

– allows you to create a database of users and assign them various characteristics,

– other.


We offer cabinets covered with a special coating that provides effective and lasting protection against contamination. The applied technology prevents the development and spread of dangerous microorganisms.