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Our metal furniture is an essential equipment for offices, schools, universities and other teaching and caring institutions, locker rooms, sports facilities workshops and libraries.

Furniture of our production perfectly fit into the interiors in which they are used and the wide possibilities of personalization provide the interiors equipped with them with a unique character.

Therefore, we decided to share photos of projects carried out directly by Techmark, as well as by our distributors.

Below we present interesting, unique and most successful realizations, where our production of metal furniture determines not only the highest functionality, but also the unique aesthetics of the interiors equipped with them.

An excellent case of successful implementation, where practical needs meet exceptional aesthetics, are the school lockers at the Julian Tuwim Elementary School in Parzęczew.

Here, each cabinet has become a canvas for colorful, educational murals that illustrate diverse areas of knowledge - from science to art, history and culture.

Walking through the corridors of the school, one discovers an interactive gallery of knowledge, where each mural becomes an opportunity for informal learning and inspiration.

Techmark's personalized furniture effectively shapes the look of many locker rooms and social areas, and its design gives spaces a unique character.

Bold colors from the wide range offered by Techmark enliven the space, while the use of UV printing technology allows for full personalization and customization to suit the purpose.

Seemingly ordinary school and locker room furniture add a modern flair to the room, all without compromising on ergonomics or the safety of stored items.

It is not only school corridors that gain character with our furniture. Consistent and thoughtful colors of the furniture promote concentration and give the furnished rooms a professional look.

The colors of personalized furniture and accessories emphasize the professional purpose of the space, while ergonomic solutions make work easier and more efficient.

An orderly space is full of character without being tiring during prolonged work, and furniture personalized in terms of function will meet every expectation.

Workshops of all kinds neither have to be drowned in sad gray. The vivid colors of our metal furniture will brighten up any workplace, and their adaptation to function ensures comfort.

The ergonomics of our metal furniture are designed to keep even the busiest workstations and perpetually busy teams organized, even in harsh environments like mechanical workshops.

With our furniture, seemingly uninteresting rooms take on a designer look, and the colors of individual furniture pieces emphasize their key role in the workplace.

Techmark's metal furniture is not just simple furnishings. It's also stand-alone smart devices that control access to important resources, like the self-service stations used in libraries.

Here, the adaptation of the color scheme to the function and purpose, as well as personalized design, allows to emphasize the belonging to the institution, and thoughtful technical solutions allow them to be located also outside.

Each self-service station is created on an individual order and is adapted, also visually, to the requirements of the institution. Free personalization allows the device to fit into the existing visual identity system.

Challenge the messy! Our metal trash garbage cans are not only practical containers, but also tools to change the world.

With a segregation system, you can separate waste and promote environmental protection while keeping your surroundings tidy.

Metal containers for waste separation are ideal for industrial and commercial environments, as well as various public spaces.

UV printing on Techmark furniture is sure to meet your expectations by offering customization according to your design or from ready-made patterns.

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