Desks and containers complement the choice of our medical furniture, making it possible to furnish the workplace with functional and attractive furniture.
Table frames are made to size and in a style proposed by the Client, or according to a template created by our design office. In furniture design, we are guided not only by the principles of ergonomics, but also aesthetic considerations, ensuring that the entire design is consistent. We offer a wide range of top types and colors according to the Client’s preferences.
Containers provide space for storing minor office accessories, which makes them indispensable in any office.


We offer various versions:

free-standing drawer cabinets, drawer cabinets suspended under desks, or cabinets that can be put under a desktop containing any number of drawers of various depths. Free-standing containers can be made even more functional by furnishing the upper section to hold binders, while the option to mount a wooden top grants them a classy look.
We offer two drawer models: traditional drawers and drawers with safety bumpers, which thanks to their attractive design, work well in a home setting too.
Drawers are mounted on fully extended, stable telescopic guides with a system preventing more than one drawer from being opened at the same time, which ensures that the container remains stable. Drawers can be also fitted with adhesive strips for marking and various handles (we also make holes for a specific kind of handle selected by the Client). The entire container can be locked with a cam lock.
Additionally, we equip drawers with individually prepared foam inserts that make it easy to keep them in order and prevent objects from moving around inside.
Containers can be fitted with wheels or feet for adjustment.


Our furniture is made of top-quality materials, ensuring long-term use and attractive design.

meble metalowe Biurko metalowe lekarskie
meble metalowe Bledy w biurku metalowym lekarskim
meble metalowe blat biurka z płyty wiórowej pokryty okleiną z melaminy
meble metalowe pełen wysów szuflady kontenerka podbiurkowego
meble metalowe biurko na metalowym stelażu z kontenerkiem na kółkach
meble metalowe kontenerek podbiurkowy na kółkach
meble metalowe biurko medyczne 2
meble metalowe biurko na metalowym stelażu z kontenerkiem oraz metalowymi osłonkami
meble metalowe zamek kluczowy w kontenerku podbiurkowym
meble metalowe biurko na metalowym stelażu
meble metalowe kontenerek podbiurkowy