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W dobie redukcji prac domowych, szafki szkolne stają się niezbędnym wyposażeniem każdej szkoły.

Elimination of homework in schools is revolutionising the school space.

Modern education is striving to introduce modern solutions that not only make learning easier, but also more comfortable for students. One such innovative solution is the reduction of homework given to students. This article outlines why, in the context of the above changes, equipping every school with school lockers is a must.

The issue of the reduction of homework.

For several years now, there has been a noticeable trend towards reducing the amount of homework given to students. The reasons for this range from a concern to reduce students' stress, to allowing them more time to pursue their interests, to the desire for a school-life balance.

Now the reduction of homework given to students is becoming institutional. With the amendment of the Regulation on grading, classifying and promoting students and listeners in public schools, homework for grades I-III disappears from Polish schools, and homework for grades IV-VIII becomes optional. Nevertheless, the absence of homework does not mean that students do not have to carry books, notebooks and other teaching materials to school.

Carrying heavy backpacks on a daily basis has a negative impact on students' health, especially on their spines. Therefore, solutions are needed to minimise this problem. One such solution is individual school lockers, which allow pupils to leave some, or even all, of their learning materials at school.

Advantages of individual school lockers for students.

School lockers significantly reduce the physical strain on pupils. They enable the storage of books, notebooks, school supplies and other items at school, which reduces the weight of the backpacks carried every day. As a result, pupils can avoid health problems associated with carrying weights, such as back pain and postural problems.

Individual school lockers also help to keep the school tidy and organised. Pupils have their own designated places where they can store their belongings, which minimises the risk of items getting lost. In addition, school lockers enable better organisation of the space in classrooms and corridors, as students do not have to leave their belongings in random places.

Modern school furniture from Techmark.

Techmark has launched modern school furniture that meets the highest standards of quality and functionality. These modern solutions not only meet the basic needs of students, but also introduce elements of design and technology that make schools a more welcoming and inspiring place.

Personalisation and functionality.

School furniture from Techmark is characterised by high functionality and personalisation. Each school can customise the appearance and functionality of the school lockers, and providing students with individual lockers increases the sense of belonging and responsibility for their place in the school. In addition, the modern materials and technologies used in the production of school furniture ensure that it is durable and easy to clean.

School furniture as an educational element.

Modern school lockers can also have an educational function. Thanks to UV printing, Techmark offers solutions that integrate elements of art and science. An example is school furniture with educational murals, which not only beautify the school space but also stimulate students to learn and develop their interests.

School furniture can be used as a tool to encourage creativity and learning. Graphics and quotes placed on school lockers can inspire students to expand their knowledge and develop their passions. This approach makes the school space more interactive and encourages creative thinking.

Positive changes.

Many positive changes have been noticed in schools that have chosen to implement individual school lockers. Pupils are less stressed, more organised and more willing to engage in school life. Teachers have fewer problems keeping their classrooms tidy, allowing them to focus on teaching their lessons.

Individual school lockers are a solution that has many benefits for both students and the school community as a whole. They reduce physical strain, increase order and organisation, and support education and creativity. By offering modern and functional school furniture, Techmark contributes to creating more welcoming and inspiring school spaces.


Reducing homework gives schools a unique opportunity to improve the organisation of pupils' work while taking care of their health. Investing in modern school furniture from Techmark is a step towards improving the quality of education and the comfort of students. Take a look at Techmark's range of school lockers and join the schools that have already experienced positive changes with the introduction of individual lockers for students.

Equipping schools with modern school lockers is an investment in the future of education that brings notable benefits to both students and teachers. With such solutions, schools become a more welcoming, organised and inspiring place to learn and develop passions.

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