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S.3 System cabinets are used in a wide range of industries

Optimized asset management with TECHCODE RFID tag reading cabinets.

TECHCODE RFID furniture from TECHMARK provides an advanced solution for securing assets and managing tools and materials.

How to choose good sports furniture for your space?

When running a sports facility, it is worth equipping locker rooms and common spaces with good sports lockers, providing your customers and club members with not only practical, but also modern solutions.
Good workshop furniture should be durable, functional and aesthetic. Like Techmark furniture.

What makes good workshop furniture?

Good workshop furniture should be durable, functional and aesthetic. Metal workshop furniture is one of the best choices because it is durable, resistant to damage and easy to maintain. When choosing furniture for the workshop, it is worth betting on the highest quality workmanship to ensure comfort and productivity.
Techmark. Cabinets with electronic locks. An innovative solution for security and organization.

Why choose electronic locks for metal cabinets?

Metal cabinets are commonly used in a variety of places such as offices, schools, hospitals and hotels to provide secure storage for documents, valuables or personal belongings. With advances in technology, traditional mechanical locks on metal cabinets are giving way to more modern solutions, such as electronic locks. In this article, we'll take a look at why electronic locks are an ideal choice for metal cabinets and what benefits they offer.
TECHCODE RFID. New features in cabinets and business support.

New support for companies, that is, more functionality in TECHCODE RFID cabinets (S.3 and S.4 systems)

Every company is different, developing its own procedures and patterns of operation. When implementing more solutions in the plant, it is important that they do not shatter the previous order, but support it instead.
Reading revolution thanks to self-service library stations

Reading revolution thanks to self-service library stations

We completed our first custom-made self-service library stations at the end of 2021, and there were several installations. This year we have already made several book ATMs, with more orders pending.

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